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Refill cartomizers for Vapage e-cigarettes 

Why Vapage® E-Cigarette Refill Cartomizers

Vapage’s refill cartomizers use a proprietary, Patent Pending horizontally oriented atomizing coil: others use a vertically-oriented atomizing coil.

Why is Vapage’s design vastly better?
• Our horizontally-oriented design allows the atomizing coil to be 100% completely submerged in e-liquid until the last drop is used, whereas vertically-oriented designs expose the top part of the atomizing coil as the e-liquid level drops. The exposed atomizing coil becomes super-heated during use, which (1) produces potentially dangerous off-gases and (2) reduces the volume and density of vapor production and (3) alters the taste in an unfavorable (hot electric wires) way.
• Our design also enables a more realistic smoking experience, because the vapor volume, density, and flavor does not change from first to last puff; more like a traditional cigarette. Other designs do not enable this positive aspect; in fact the performance of other brands drop off, the flavor changes, the vapor volume and density decreases with each puff – the opposite of a traditional cigarette.

Our unique refill cartomizer DOES NOT use solder to weld the atomizing coil to the +/- coupling at the base of the cartomizer. Our design uses a press-fit medical-grade silicone rubber gasket to pinch the atomizing coil between the +/- terminals at the base of the cartomizer. Why is our design vastly better than others?
• Solder, even leadless solder, contains chemicals that are known carcinogens. We eliminate the solder, and therefore eliminate the potential for any contamination that could leech into the e-liquid that is inhaled when atomized.
• The silicone gasket also makes a better seal between the liquid tank and the +/- coupling at the base of the cartomizer, which eliminates leakage and greatly reduces evaporation during storage.
• The silicone gasket operates as a shock absorber for the atomizing coil. Whereas a solder-welded joint creates brittle points in the atomizing coil at the solder joint, there are no brittle points in our atomizing coil. This makes our cartomizers more durable during transport.

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