JATO Bottom Vertical Coil - Adjustable Airflow Pyrex Tank

JATO BVC TANK - Variable Airflow Tank System

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The JATO™ BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) adjustable airflow tank by Vapage® is the next generation of powerful tank systems. Equipped with 4 adjustable air-flow configurations the JATO™ conforms to your desired performance. Made with premium grade 303 stainless steel (WILL NOT RUST). Built with a removable stainless steel honeycomb shield to protect the premium glass tank. The bottom cap also features a spring loaded positive contact pin. Bottom cap is 22mm for a flush fit to your vapage mod. Vapage®... the trusted name in Personal Vaporizers.

JATO Assembly/Disassembly:

The JATO tank is a captured system so it can be completely disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. This means the user needs to disassemble it carefully as not to dislodge the tank when refilling -– otherwise your e-liquid could spill out.
Step One: Firmly hold the tank (with or without shield on) between your thumb and index finger like in the photo. The drip-tip should be against the palm of your hand. This is done to hold the upper section together while taking the deck off to add e-liquid.
Step Two: To unscrew the deck, grab the bottom edge (the beveled section of the deck) with your other had, and firmly twist the deck with your fingers. Make sure the tank is not rotating; you want the tank to stay in place while you unscrew the deck. Once you start to unscrew the deck make sure to keep the deck on top and the JATO in a vertical position as not to spill e-liquid. NEVER over tighten the system! Doing so will make it hard to take apart, and could crack the glass or bind internal parts!
Step Three: Once the deck is off, continue to hold the tank, and fill the tank to its limit. With your Vapage® E-Liquid bottle, drip E-Liquid down the inner sides of the Pyrex glass tank, being careful not to get any liquid into the vapor center post hole. Do not fill e-liquid past the top of the center post; the e-liquid will spill out through the mouth-tip!

Replacing the Atomizer:

The atomizer unit is completely replaceable and designed for about a one-month life span. When flavor and/or vapor is reduced, it is time to change out the atomizer. To replace the atomizer, remove the JATO tank from the battery and bottom eGo adapter. Turn the JATO tank upside down, unscrew the lower connector ring and carefully set the tank aside. With a clean tissue or cloth rag, begin unscrewing the atomizer unit counterclockwise. Once disassembled, discard the used atomizer unit into the trash and replace it with a new clean atomizer unit. Begin by screwing the new atomizer unit clockwise into the lower ring connector hole. Once the atomizer is snug, carefully re-screw the lower connector ring clockwise back onto the JATO Stainless steel tank. You may now reconnect the tank to your battery (use the eGo adapter if needed) and begin vaping.

Adjusting The Airflow:
1. Use the four different air holes by rotating the upper section (Finned area), while holding the Sleeved area steady. Simply turn and tune to your desired airflow. There are 4 ports or varrying sizes.
2. Smaller holes tightens the draw, larger holes loosens the air draw.
3. Thats it! Your ready to vape the JATO! Jet Assist Take Off!

Additional Info

Additional Info

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