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Whether you’re straying away from tobacco or looking for a solution you can enjoy the whole day through, Vapage® is here to help. Our selection of e-cigarettes includes premium electronic cigarettes, disposable alternatives, refills, and all the accessories you need to start your vaping journey with your best foot forward. Most people are trading smoke for vapor, and the limitless possibilities of our e-cigs. They give you total control over flavor, strength, and finish. We’ve even created starter kits in menthol or classic tobacco to save you time and energy. Each miniature starter kit comes with one rechargeable battery, flavored cartridges, and one USB charger. We also offer kits with soft tip filters. Explore our selection of e-cigs for sale to discover your newest guilty pleasures.


Need Help Deciding?

If your are new to electronic cigarettes and looking for where to get started, then the Cig2o Mini Kits contains everything you need to get started. Mini Kits are available in both Classic Tobacco and Classic Menthol. Included is a rechargeable E-Cigarette Battery and a USB Charger to recharge your eCig battery.

So Many Flavor Choices

The refills included in your kit (4) will last about as long as a pack of traditional cigarettes each. Refill Cartomizers by Vapage and Cig2o are 100% compatible and are available in numerous flavors and nicotine levels from 0MG no nicotine, 8MG low nicotine, 18MG high nicotine, and 24MG extra high nicotine.

Our e-cigs deliver high-quality cartomizer flavor unlike anything else you’ve experienced. Better yet, you can choose the perfect nicotine level by milligram to suit your needs. Our Cig2o® and soft tip filter kits are smooth, clean, and fresh, delivering robust flavor with every puff. Trying to avoid the hassle of recharging or changing your cartomizer? Never fear, because our Barfly® disposable e-cigarettes come in over 18 flavors to satisfy any craving. Each Barfly® disposable e-cig is equivalent to two packs of traditional smokes, allowing you to save big while enjoying our satisfying vapor at the office, while sitting in traffic, or lounging at home.

Looking for vape accessories? Look no further. Our e-cigarette lithium battery replacements are the best in their class, providing improved performance and reliability to accommodate our signature chargers and cartomizers. In addition to rechargeable batteries, you can also find USB chargers, car adapters, wall adapters, and stainless-steel smart-chip batteries with automatic power features. We also carry one of the largest cartomizer refill flavor selections on the market, and every flavoring contains medical-grade propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine. Browse our tobacco, menthol, fruit, and gourmet varieties to find flavors that you’ll love.

By choosing Vapage.com as your exclusive source for e-cigarettes, you get a great value without any compromise on quality. Every product we produce is engineered for superior taste and cloud performance. If you have any questions about our selection of e-cigs for sale or how to get started, please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Every product sold on Vapage.com is guaranteed authentic! Vapage: Premium Vaping & E-Cigarette Outfitters.