Cig2o E-Cig Refill Cartomizers

Cig2o Refills

Craving a cleaner finish from your vape ingredients? If so, Vapage® has the perfect solution to shake up your lackluster vaping routine. Our customers know that Cig2o® rechargeable kits are unparalleled in performance and quality, but our Cig2o® refill cartomizers are where the true magic lies. Cartomizers are the “filter” refills for your Cig2o® e-cigarette. Each flavoring contains a mix of medical-grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, food-grade coloring, as well as premium nicotine in your choice of strength. Enjoy flavorful vapor anywhere your adventures lead by exploring our selection of Cig2o® e-cig refill cartomizers.

All Cig2o® refill cartomizers are available in 0, 8, 18, or 24 milligrams. We offer a wide variety of flavors to suit any taste. Whether straying away from traditional smokes or looking to diversify your flavor portfolio, our ample collection contains everything from classic tobaccos to fruity flavors that will leave your taste buds begging for more. Nothing beats the traditional taste of genuine tobacco, and our cartomizers leave nothing to be desired. Take a walk on the wild side with sweet and spicy undertones of a Turkish blend by trying our Gold Tobacco refill. Up the ante by trying our Red Hot refill for the right amount of cinnamon flavor to enjoy all day long.

In addition to classic tobacco flavorings, we also offer refreshing menthols and scrumptious fruits. Our blueberry, raspberry, and grape refills taste freshly picked and positively delicious with a nice finish. Some like it sweet, and others like it sour. Prepare to pucker your lips when you try our subtly sweet and sour apple cartomizer. Shopping for a scrumptious summertime treat? Our watermelon refills are just as juicy as the real deal without all the seeds. End any stressful day by vaping away with our vanilla bean refill in your choice of nicotine strength.

Try your favorite flavor or try them all! We take pride in all the Cig2o® e-cig refill cartomizers we produce. All our main ingredients are sourced in Texas and finalized overseas at our factory. If you have any questions about our exclusive refill cartomizers, please contact a member of our customer service department for additional information. Remember to register your account so you can move through the next checkout process faster, store multiple addresses, and check order statuses.

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