Why the JATO is better than the Nautilus

The JATO is the way the Nautilus should have been from the start. It has less height overall, protective shield to protect the Pyrex, and totally rebuild able.

·      The JATO’s lower deck (airflow control) is 5mm less than the Nautilus.

·      The JATO is 49mm tall compared to 58mm of the Nautilus.

·      The JATO has a 9.5mm overall lower profile than the Nautilus.

·      JATO uses the new Aspire BVC (bottom vertical coil), which is superior to the old generation BDC coil the Nautilus uses.

·      The JATO has a removable protective shield to protect the Pyrex glass from breakage. You can have it on for a day of work or take it off to show off on a night out.

·      The JATO uses a Pyrex tube that fits between two rubber seals unlike the Nautilus which screws together and can crack.

·      Even though the JATO has a lower profile, the JATO holds a whopping 5ML of e-liquid.

·      The JATO has a spring-loaded positive pin to easily fit any MOD or battery device.

·      Developed by the same person who helped develop the Nautilus. 





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