Piston RDA - Rebuildable Drip Atomizer

The Piston™ RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer) by Vapage® is the next generation of powerful “full vapor” drip systems. The 3 piece design with 4 adjustable air-flow configurations is made only with premium grade 303 stainless steel (WILL NOT RUST). With it’s Tri-Post build-deck, the Piston™ can support a single or dual coil setup for superior vaping.

The bottom cap also features an adjustable battery contact pin. When saturating the wick, nothing is as easy as simply pulling the top lid off and driping in your favorite Vapage® liquid!


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Kit contains:
• 1 complete Piston™ RDA System
• 2 pre-wound wicks
• 2 replacement screws
• 1 user manual

• Product Name: Piston RDA -Drip System Dual Coil
• Threading: 510 threading
• Adjustable Positive Pin
• 4-position Adjustable Air Flow
• Built in Heatsink for heat reduction
• 303 Stainless Steel construction
• Resistance: 1.0 ohm +/- (Stock Atomizers)


The Piston™ RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer) by Vapage®

Adjusting Air Flow:
1. Use the four different air holes by rotating the upper section (Finned area), while holding the Sleeved area steady. Simply turn to tune your desired airflow.
2. Smaller holes tightens the draw, larger holes loosens the air draw.
3. The two largest holes have ports on either side for dual coil set-ups. The smaller ones are for single coil set-ups.
4. Make sure to position the air holes where they line up with the coils. Do this so air flows over the coils to prevent a burnt taste.


1. Drip your Vapage E-liquid through the drip tip--some people remove the tip to saturate the coils, either way works.
2. Drip E-liquid (8 drops depending on your build) in the drip-tip to fill. When taste tappers off or starts to have burn taste—repeat the process. (Approximately 4 to 5 puffs per refill)
3. Keep current or new coil & wicks at the same position as the air holes. The best way to judge this is to make the coil and wick the same plane as the screws.


Vapage Piston RDA

Replacing the coils:
Step 1: Remove vape chamber and loosen the Phillips screws (all three) by one or two turns. With pliers or screwdriver pull old coils off.
Step 2: Place apposing lead wires to each post (one on the positive post, and one on the negative post). Insert them in the hole in the post (Thicker gauge wire may need to be installed on screw shaft) then bend the wire half way around shaft to hold it in place. If building a dual coil, repeat the process on the opposite side as you did the first one.
Step 3: Tighten down the screws making sure that the wires stay connected to the posts. Do not over tighten, just enough to lock the coils in place.
Step 4: After coils are in place and secure, cut the excess wire off—cut as close to the post as you can.
Step 5: check to make sure the coils are a least 0.5mm from post and adjust as necessary. Make sure the coils are level with the top of the posts to achieve proper airflow.
Step 6: Now test to make sure the coils are getting power, install the piston base to your Mod, and do a quick test-fire to see if the coils are heating up. If they are, finish off your build. If not, go back through the steps to see where the problem is.
Step 7: If all is well, assemble the Piston and vape away.

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Additional Info
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