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Looking for a premier vaping system without the premier cost? Look no further. We proudly offer an assortment of cutting-edge vaporizers and kits with everything you need to get your vape on in a customized way. All our VPRO vaporizers feature variable voltage and push-button activation for fast and easy operation whenever and wherever you want. If you want a long-lasting, full-tested battery, then UTURN vaporizers are the eGo style battery you have been looking for. Using our navigation menu, you can easily narrow your search by battery size, color, ohm resistance, price, and more to find the perfect solution to satisfy your vaping needs.

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Our VPRO vaporizers are available in 400, 650, and 1,100mAh. The VPRO 1,100 is ideal for all-day vaping or traveling. This innovative system features 510 threading and stainless-steel construction to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Best of all, it heats up fast and will keep a charge for a few days, depending on how often you use it. The VPRO 650 comes in a convenient kit with a USB charger and one bottle of our classic e-liquid.

Some vaping enthusiasts can do without customization, but others like to have total control over the way they vape. Our UTURN vaporizers are available in 650 and 1,300mAh kits. The UTURN 1,300 has been carefully designed to surpass any competition. Each 1,300mAh system comes with easy-to-read markings (3.3, 3.8, 4.3, and 4.8 volts) to clearly indicate your output voltages. Our UTURN will work with a variety of 510, eGo cartomizers, atomizers, clearomizers, and tanks.

By choosing Vapage® as your go-to source for vaping devices and supplies, you can expect much more than high-quality products. We are committed to manufacturing safe products that are also easy to use. If you have any questions or concerns about our VPRO vaporizers or UTURN vaporizers, please contact a member of our team for additional information or further assistance. In addition to vaporizers, we also carry multipack atomizers, Crystal tanks, charging cables, and battery replacements. While shopping, remember to register your account so you can check order statuses and store multiple shipping addresses with ease.

If you are looking for a vaping solution without all the bells and whistles, our Cig2o® ePRO™ starter kits may provide the perfect alternative to help you get started. Each ePRO™ starter kit comes with one of our premier Crystal vape tanks, a 650mAh battery, USB charger, as well as one bottle of our clean and classic tobacco e-liquid.

We also offer extra-large vape mods for anyone who wants a bigger, more powerful vape pen to get them through the day. The Cig2o® ePRO™ Crystal-XL tank is compatible with all ePRO™, UTURN™, and VPRO™ batteries. This cutting-edge tank features a non-threaded 510 drip tip, stainless steel evaporation chamber, and replaceable dual coil atomizer head for long-lasting performance and maximum vapor production. Replacing your atomizer is easier than ever before. Just unscrew the bottom of your tank to replace the old atomizer and vape away. Every Crystal-XL tank features a polycarbonate construction with a honeycomb to withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

In addition to vape mods and tanks, we also carry e-cigarette USB chargers, replacement batteries, and all the essentials you need to vape on in a foolproof way. The Cig2o® ePRO™ replacement battery is compact, rugged, and designed to last. These batteries are available in 400mAh or 650mAh and a variety of colors. Our signature USB charger works with most USB computer ports, wall adapters, and car adapters. Dare to take your device further than ever before. If you have any questions about our products or shipping, please contact a member of our customer service department for further assistance.

Vapage® Crystal tank systems are explicitly designed to improve performance and reach maximum usage potential. We offer our Crystal tanks in an array of models to suit any need. We also supply adapters so you can screw your 808-threaded battery to the flared top side of a 510-threaded battery. Using our navigation menu, you can narrow your search from the start and sort by name, price, color, and more. We try to save you time and energy by keeping our inventory stocked with a wide variety of premium products. Find the perfect tank to suit all your vaping needs by browsing our selection today.

Looking for a high-quality tank that won’t break the bank? Look no further than the Crystal XL Bottom Dual Coil (BDC) tank. This specialty tank features a secondary coil in the atomizer head for long-lasting performance and maximum vapor production. Each SL tank comes with a high-impact polycarbonate construction to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Our Cig2o® Crystal tank systems feature stainless steel evaporation chambers with dual-side vented airflow channels.

Switching from e-cigarette to liquid throughout the day? They may be tiny, but our miniature Crystal tanks pack a punch of flavor with every puff. These miniature closed tank systems are designed to work with 808 threading and include silica wicks to soak up your e-liquid for great flavor. We also conveniently carry Vapage® Crystal rebuild kits, atomizer multipacks, bottom coils, and more. Before finalizing your purchase, remember to double-check all battery requirements for compatibility.

Beyond the highest quality mods and tanks, we specialize in providing a unique shopping experience for every customer who visits our website. If you have any questions about our selection of Cig2o® Crystal tank systems, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our friendly representatives are available to take your call during normal business hours or you can submit an inquiry online for further assistance. While shopping from our selection, remember to register your account today so you can check order status, store multiple addresses, and make checkouts even easier.

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