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Our Mission

Vapage.com is on a mission to become your one stop, trusted site, for getting all of your E-cigarettes and vaping accessories. We use and love the products we sell!

How does an E-cigarette work?

Basically, Vapage and Cig2o's are simple, when you breathe in, the E-cigarette vaporizes the flavoring and turns it into an enjoyable vapor.

To go into more depth, the Cig2o and Vapage batteries (the main E-Cigarette piece) contains a battery, a microprocessor, a vacuum switch and a small light. On the other end, a cartomizer is attached. A cartomizer is a small unit that has a heating coil and small flavor reserve. When you breathe in, the battery heats the coil to about 110 degrees, vaporizing the flavoring and glycol, this fog is what the user breathes.

Do the E-cigarettes produce real smoke?

No, no, no. There is no combustion involved. What you see is a water-like vapor, similar to what fog machines use in those killer movies we all like. It is entirely possible however to set off a smoke alarm if you are close enough and blow enough vapor in the direction of the detector. (It has to do with the molecules in the air and other science-y stuff)

What am I inhaling?

Vapage and Cig2o cartomizers contain a mix of medical grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycol (80%/20%), food grade flavoring and nicotine in the level indicated on the packaging (from 0MG to 24MG). As always, if you have concerns, please consult your physician.

Where are the ingredients from?

The main ingredients are sourced in Texas and finalized overseas at our factory.

Who can order on Vapage.com?

Some products contain nicotine and therefore will never be sold to anyone under 18 years old. E-Cigarettes should not be used by children, pregnant or breast-feeding women, people with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or people taking medicines for asthma or depression. Consult your physician before using any electronic cigarette product. California Proposition 65: Warning: This product contains nicotine, a chemical know to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. If you reside in California or New York and are a new customer on Vapage.com, you will be contacted to verify your date of birth before we ship your order.

Is shopping on Vapage.com online safe?

Absolutely! We use encryption for all your sensitive information and will never share information with 3rd parties. Vapage.com is a secure site and 100% PCI Complaint.You can view our SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate on any page of our store by clicking on the logo on the lower left corner of the navigation menu. While not all pages will show the 'https' in the url, the checkout page will always load on 'https' and not 'http'. The checkout page is where you enter your credit card information, and is the only page where 'https' is necessary.

Is this a scam and do you auto-ship products?

We will never charge you for products without your knowledge. We do not have an auto-ship program and we cannot place an order under your credit card without your authorization. In fact, under PCI Policy we cannot view your full credit card information if you store one on file for future use. Your information is safe with us.


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