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  • A Better Alternative & 20% Savings

    V2 ecig switchOur competitor V2 E-Cigs as closed their business permanently. For those of you who have V2 E-Cigarettes, cartomizers, and batteries, we have two better options for you, Cig2o or Vapage!
    That’s right, V2’s e-cigarettes, cartomizers, chargers, and batteries are compatible with Cig2o and Vapage ecigs!
    And we’re sure that you’ll find that our flavors even better.

    SWITCH TO Cig2o and Vapage

    save 20% Click here to see the options, and get your 20% OFF SAVINGS!

    V2 CompatibleIf you used certain V2 refill flavors, here is a reference:
    • V2 “Congress” Flavor – Cig2o® Classic Tobacco
    • V2 Menthol E-Liquid – Cig2o® Classic Menthol
    • V2 Sahara – Cig2o® Sahara Gold Tobacco
    • V2 Red  -  Cig2o® Red Tobacco

  • Juul Bought V2 E-Cigarettes, Then Closed The Company. Where Can You Buy V2 E-Cigs And Cartomizers Or Cartridges?

    V2 E-Cigarettes Is Out Of Business, Closed Permanently. What Can V2 Customers Do Now?

    V2 E-Cigs is gone and out of business. Why? Their statement refers to the new tariffs, and to the fact that they were losing a tremendous amount of money each year, but disclosures by a Publicly Traded company proves otherwise.

    In December 2015, a Chinese company called Huabao International Holdings (through their investment arm High Praise Enterprises, based in the British Virgin Islands) purchased a majority stake in V2 E-Cigs for $22.8 million. In October 2018, JUUL Labs spent $75 million to buy V2 and its affiliated brands. Why? To take V2 out of competition, most likely. Consumers liked V2’s E-cigarette batteries and cartomziers, but JUUL has shut V2 down. As of November 1, 2018, V2 E-Cigs is closed permanently.

    What is V2’s customers best option?  V2 Cigs is not taking orders and is not shipping. They are permanently closed down.  V2 offered the following  statements:

    • All orders submitted to V2 after November 1, 2018 will be refunded. The orders will not be shipped.
    • The 30-day refund guarantee ends completely on December 1, 2018.
    • V2’s Vape4Free program is now ended.
    • V2 is going to retain personal customer information until the end of the required retention period. After the retention period ends, all personal information will be destroyed.
      V2 to Cig2o compatible V2 to Cig2o SWITCH

    What is the best alternative to V2ere can you buy V2 products now?  Our best option isCig2o® and Vapage®.  Since JUUL now owns V2’s customer lists, they will surely be reaching out to you to buy their different and more expensive product. But don’t throw away your V2 batteries and chargers!

    Cig2o® refill cartomizers, cartridges and batteries are fully compatible with V2 electronic cigarettes. Below, you will find a complete list of V2 compatible E-Cigarettes, Cartomizers, Cartridges, and e-liquids.


    Where Can I Buy V2 E-Cigarette Cartridges, Cartomizers, and E-Liquids?

    The V2 Standard e-liquid kit featured EX cartridges, which are basically mini-vape tanks that attach to a cigalike battery. Vapage® Mini Crystal (808 style) Tanks work the same way and will fit perfectly on V2 EX series batteries. If you are a V2 customer and you have a supply of V2 EX blanks but need a new V2 EX battery, it’s the same deal. A Cig2o® or Vapage® E-Cig battery will replace a V2 EX battery and work with V2 EX blanks. There is across the board compatibility between all of the components of the V2 EX Standard E-Liquid edition and the Vapage Mini Crystal Tanks and E-cigarette batteries.


    • The V2 Standard Kits and the EX Kits are interchangeable with the Cig2o® Standard E-Cigarette starter kit and the Standard Plus starter kit.
    • Cig2o® E-Cigarette battery chargers and parts are identical to the V2.
    • All parts and components of the Cig2o® Standard E-Cigarette starter kits and the V2 Standard and EX kits are identical.



    Fortunately for us, Cig2o® can also help abandoned V2 customers with refill cartridges.

    Where To Buy V2 E-Cigarette Refill Cartridges Now That V2 Is Out Of Business

    V2’s sudden closing has taken a lot of their customers by surprise. Many are asking themselves, where can I buy V2 E-Cigarette refill cartridges now that V2 is out of business? Don’t worry because if you like your V2 E-Cigarettes you can keep your V2 E-Cigarettes. That’s a promise that we can keep because Cig2o® E-Cigarette refill cartridges are fully compatible with V2 E-Cigarettes.

    Cig2o®’s flavors are expertly crafted and authentic. Moreover, whatever V2 flavor that you enjoyed, Cig2o® has a flavor to match it. For example, instead of V2 Red cartridges, try Cig2o® Red Tobacco. With a strong tobacco flavor, Cig2o® Red Tobacco cartridges will work perfectly on your V2 E-Cigarettes. Here are examples of E-Cigarette cartridges and flavors compatible with V2:


    If you used certain V2 refill flavors, here is a reference:
    • V2 “Congress” Flavor – Cig2o® Classic Tobacco
    • V2 Menthol E-Liquid – Cig2o® Classic Menthol
    • V2 Sahara – Cig2o® Sahara Gold Tobacco
    • V2 Red  -  Cig2o® Red Tobacco


    V2 Compatible Refills Capsules


    V2 Compatible Cartridges

    The closing of V2 actually is an opportunity for V2 customers! Cig2o and Vapage offer a wonderful variety of carefully crafted flavors – and Cig2o® Classic Tobacco is the most loved tobacco flavor in the e-cigarette world.

    And with Vapage® Mini Crystal, you can use any Cig2o or Vapage e-liquid and refill and reuse your tank until the atomizer is spent empty refillable E-Cigarette cartridges will work on your V2 E-Cigarettes. With the blank cartridges, you can choose any flavor. Simply fill the cartridge with the Cig2o® 50/50 e-liquid flavor of your choice. Cig2o® (Vapage®) offers an almost endless list of e-liquid flavors. You can even create your own flavors by mixing multiple flavors!


    It’s always disappointing when a brand you have relied on shuts down without warning. But, your investment in V2 batteries and chargers will not go to waste – and you might just find that you like and value Cig2o and Vapage even more. We’re not going anywhere (but up!) and we are here to help. Come Join the Cig2o (Vapage) family, we know you’ll love it here! Consequently, Cig2o® wants to help. We are sorry that you were abandoned but we are happy to be able to help. And we are not going anywhere! We will be here for you for the long haul.

    V2 E-Cigarettes are almost identical to and 100% compatible with Cig2o® E-Cigarettes, cartridges, and e-liquids. That’s the bottom line. Keep your V2 e-cigarettes and keep vaping with Cig2o®.


  • Spark Vapor Has Put Adult Satisfaction & Safety First for 9 Years - Re: Statement from FDA Commissioner

    Re: Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., on new enforcement actions and a Youth Tobacco Prevention Plan to stop youth use of, and access to, JUUL and other e-cigarettes

    Spark Vapor Brands Has Put Adult Satisfaction &

    Safety First for 9 Years

    The e-vapor category consists of scores of innovative companies, each one striving for growth and vying for market share in a product category that shows the potential to reduce or even eliminate the use of cigarettes and other combustible tobacco products in just a few years, including among teens. Across the board, FDA accusations of targeting teens is meeting with offers of cooperation from the vape industry. For the past 9 years, Spark Vapor Brands has been a category leader in innovation and delivery of convenient, enjoyable, dependable e-vapor products. Our Cig2o and Vapage brand e-cigarettes, CTS sealed tank systems and regulated e-liquid delivery of nicotine are the results of continuous improvements in technology, safety, better batteries, atomizer components, nicotine measurement, and medical grade materials, along with true tobacco and menthol flavors that consumers tell us they prefer. The FDA has loudly pointed to increased teen use of new, better-designed vapor devices leading to nicotine addiction among teens. Teen vape use is an undeniable problem. But perhaps the FDA should ask for help from the vape industry rather than attacking this innovative product category. The rule is (as stated on every Cig2o package and store display)




    BOXX pod mod
    It has been the e-vapor industry, not the FDA, providing the signage, warnings, restrictions on advertising and, in compliance with the FDA’s ironic rule making, not mentioning that an e-vapor device could help a smoker quit by providing a safer, less toxic form of nicotine delivery.
    Cig2o STIK Pod Mod
    The fact is that each time the FDA makes a point about underage use of vape products, it is also making a tacit admission of failure on their part to enforce their own rules and prevent underage purchase of e-vapor products containing nicotine.
    FDA: Vape facts to consider Here are some facts to consider: All Spark Vapor products carry mandatory FDA language ‘UNDERAGE SALE PROHIBITED’. Spark product packaging complies with FDA mandatory labeling requirements, including warnings of the risks of nicotine addiction. Years before the FDA had figured out what warnings and label language should be, Spark led the way in standardizing smoking cessation and cautionary nicotine language for e-vapor packaging. Teen use of tobacco cigarettes is at its lowest point in years. The percent of students in grades 9–12 who smoked cigarettes in the last 30 days decreased by 53.0% between 2005 and 2015. Teen cigar use has declined by more than 30% in the past 4 years. A pack of cigarettes is around $6. The leading brand named in the FDA press release has a list price of $49. The e-vapor industry didn’t target teens. It was the other way around.

    Alarmism vs. Market Data

    The FDA has sounded an alarm over teen use, supported by CDC data. But the recently released summaries are predominantly from 2011 through 2015 and are taken out of a larger context. They mask differentiation between experimentation vs. constant use. They present statistical percentages without data on the rotation of teens into and out of the vape category within the larger total. If we apply some arithmetic to their data on daily uptake against the total teen user base, it would appear that teen trial is at a 25% lower level than adults and around 30% of teen vapers actually quit using vape products each year.


    The FDA announced that it has cited 40 retail establishments for violating age regulations for vape sales. There are 170,300 convenience stores and vape shops in the US. FDA is announcing that they caught 1/40th of 1% of retailers? Wow.


    Spark Vapor Brands, like the rest of the industry, is not interested in selling its products to minors. We entered the e-vapor category with the idea that e-cigarettes and our more recent e-vapor innovations would present a much less toxic form of relaxation and nicotine enjoyment. The FDA has asked for advance commentary on a wide range of proposed rulemaking.

    We will be providing our comments based on 8 years of technology development and consumer usage research in the category. We recommend that the FDA listen and learn.


    The fact is that each time the FDA makes a point about underage use of vape products, it is also making a tacit admission of failure on their part to enforce their own rules and prevent underage purchase of e-vapor products containing nicotine.


    Thank You,

    Spark Vapor - Vapage - Cig2o
    Cig2o and Vapage
  • What are Nic Salts - You Have to Know the Questions to Figure Out the Answers

    Nic Salts

    NICOTINE SALTS: You Have to Know the Questions to Figure Out the Answers

    Nicotine Salts (NicSalts) is a shorthand term for the natural state of nicotine found in tobacco leaves. In an e-liquid, NicSalts are shown to yield faster absorption of nicotine into the bloodstream than a similar solution containing distilled nicotine. NicSalts e-liquids can provide a higher ratio of nicotine content, but with a less harsh “throat hit” and easier passage of nicotine across the blood-brain barrier than vapor using distilled nicotine.  This is because the “salts” alter the Ph. balance of the liquid, making it more akin to human physiology.

    Some users report that the rush of nicotine from e-liquids blended with NicSalts is more akin to that of a tobacco cigarette. But NicSalts also come with a bag of issues, including a host of tobacco leaf chemicals found in naturally derived NicSalts, and widely varying rates of nicotine delivery through the bloodstream depending on what hardware vapers are using.

    Impact on the Vaper depends on the Hardware.

    Spencer Thompson, Managing Director of Spark Vapor Brands, provides some background. “Sub Ohm technology combines strong battery power with a low-resistance atomizer coil. Distilled E-liquids are generally blended to match Sub Ohm hardware so the nicotine levels are consistently satisfying,” Thompson explained. “The results are big clouds, lots of flavor and low risk of nicotine spiking”, he continued. “NicSalts’ e-liquids carry a higher proportion of nicotine, designed for lower wattage and smaller vapor volumes per puff. The hardware system and the nicotine need to match or there is a risk of a bad buzz or worse.”

    Some NicSalts producers are solving this by reconstituting distilled nicotine with Benzoic Acid or Citric Acid to rebalance the Ph. Whether stripping out and replacing the acid components of NicSalts actually delivers a better, safer vape experience generates divided opinions. “It depends on what you want out of your vape experience,” says Thompson. “We’re hearing that the vape enjoyment is not much different. Others tell us that NicSalts is a great advance.”

    The primary benefit for vapor device manufacturers appears to be cost savings. The efficacy of NicSalts in more highly concentrated e-liquids allows design of hardware with a smaller e-liquid reservoir, lower battery power, and potentially lower cost of the e-liquid itself.

    “The savings are definitely there”, says Thompson. “A lower ratio of nicotine salts to e-liquid and flavors means less vapor needed to deliver the nicotine.  Is this what consumers are looking for? Do NicSalts e-liquids in just any old hardware pose a risk? The technology tells me yes if an unsuited vape device is delivering 50 mg of nicotine per ml of NicSalts e-liquid.”

    What about regulation?

    What’s the FDA been up to while all of this is going on? Most NicSalts formulas and brands clearly entered the marketplace after the August 8, 2016 FDA deadline prior to an approved PMTA.  18 months later, a search of current thinking by the FDA Center for Tobacco Products comes up empty. On the other hand, A review of Environmental Protection Agency rules on Nicotine and Salts shows 8 pages of toxic chemicals compounded or bonded with nicotine that are inhaled with tobacco smoke. How many of those are stripped out during extraction? How many are in the e-liquid aerosol through the atomizer? According to EPA documents, almost all can be carried forward in NicSalts.

    On December 15, 2015, PAX Laboratories announced its patent approval for their NicSalts process, applied to its JUUL line of products with reconstituted combination of distilled nicotine and Benzoic acid, side-stepping the long list of chemicals in raw NicSalts. The result is low vapor levels and strong nicotine from a small capacity disposable pod and low wattage battery so that coil resistance is higher.

    On the distilled nicotine side, the Cig2o STIK vapor device from Spark Vapor delivers nicotine from a higher capacity “Pod” with a Sub Ohm coil and 350 mAh battery. “Depending on how the device is used, the actual inhaled nicotine measures out about the same,” states Thompson. We now have two completely different types of e-liquid nicotine delivery, and only one of them appears to be on the FDA radar screen.”

    Where is the Science?

    Naturally derived NicSalts contain a number of bonded or compounded chemicals, including pyridines, sulfates, tartrates and acids such as Formic Acid, Propanoic Acid, Phenol and Thalate compounds and Monoacetates. All of these accompany the nicotine out of the tobacco leaf and many can change with exposure to heat. The environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires Toxic Release Inventory Reporting on all of these ingredients in specified amounts. Which chemicals from the tobacco plant remain in NicSalts through to e-vapor inhalation? The data is pretty sparse.

    The current FDA ingredient reporting for e-liquids requires an independent lab analysis of all chemical ingredients. What ingredient registration, testing and approvals will be required to use NicSalts vs. distilled nicotine? FDA would like to lower the levels of nicotine in tobacco products, but it is well noted that Nicotine Salts deliver higher levels of nicotine to the brain per ml of e-liquid. What science supports this?

    A stream of new products is arriving on the marketplace, while bloggers and aficionados are giving positive reviews to NicSalts. Blog articles describe experimentation with Citric acid and Benzoic acid. Vapers are custom blending powerful NicSalts e-liquids for home use. What’s the risk? At some point, the FDA is going to have to step up with a scientific role in NicSalts. The extraction and reconstitution of NicSalts products flies in the face of FDA thinking on nicotine and deadlines for PMTA.

    “If NicSalts are to become the prevalent form of e-liquid nicotine, then the delivery systems will need to be reinvented,” says Thompson. “Either that, or the ratios of NicSalts mg/ml to the e-liquid will need to be brought in line with delivery and absorbency of distilled nicotine. And if that’s what the FDA decides, then what’s the point?”


    ©2018 John Geoghegan

  • Your choice, any 3 Pod Refills FREE - 10 Great Flavors Selections

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  • UK Government doubles down on vaping

    The Public Health England has released a groundbreaking independent evidence review on the effects of vaping. It has continued in the vein of their previous review in 2015 (where the famous "95% safer" stats originated) - and this time, it's worth bearing in mind, with 3 additional years research.

    Public Health England is an executive agency of the Department of Health, so it is effectively the voice of government, and sets the agenda for public health across the country.

    Coming at a time of year when sensationalist rhetoric threatens to undermine quit attempts around the globe, Public Health England (PHE) has once again shown itself as a voice of reason, and the driving force behind making the United Kingdom the most vape friendly place in the world.

    The main findings of their new evidence review are:

    • vaping poses only a small fraction of the risks of smoking and switching completely from smoking to vaping conveys substantial health benefits
    • e-cigarettes could be contributing to at least 20,000 successful new quits per year and possibly many more
    • e-cigarette use is associated with improved quit success rates over the last year and an accelerated drop in smoking rates across the country
    • many thousands of smokers incorrectly believe that vaping is as harmful as smoking; around 40% of smokers have not even tried an e-cigarette
    • there is much public misunderstanding about nicotine (less than 10% of adults understand that most of the harms to health from smoking are not caused by nicotine)
    • the use of e-cigarettes in the UK has plateaued over the last few years at just under 3 million
    • the evidence does not support the concern that e-cigarettes are a route into smoking among young people (youth smoking rates in the UK continue to decline, regular use is rare and is almost entirely confined to those who have smoked)

    "Our new review reinforces the finding that vaping is a fraction of the risk of smoking, at least 95% less harmful, and of negligible risk to bystanders. Yet over half of smokers either falsely believe that vaping is as harmful as smoking or just don’t know." Professor John Newton, Director for Health Improvement at PHE

    The message is clear, if you smoke, you should try vaping instead. If you're vaping and still struggling then vaping alongside behavioral support to change your habit could well be the most effective option available currently.

    The report even goes as far as saying there is 'compelling evidence' for vapor products to be available on prescription, such is the positive effect on health that they are seen to be capable of. The report also recommends that hospitals, as part of their duty of care, should have e-cigarettes available to patients alongside other forms of nicotine, and that front-line staff should use the opportunity to encourage people to try vaping.

  • Free E-Liquid w/ purchase


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  • E J U I C E F L A V O R  D E A L S


    Watermelon, Strawberry, Grape, Sour Apple, and Blueberry
    E-liquids for only $2.97


    Watermelon E-Liquid

    The fresh and juicy taste of a slice of watermelon can now be enjoyed beyond the summertime BBQ and picnic treat. This full-flavored eLiquid will bring out essence of watermelon  - crisp and sweet Watermelon eLiquid. Bottled in CA.

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    Strawberry E-Liquid

    "The strawberries taste like strawberries, and the snozzberries taste like snozzberries!" This vape packs the sweet taste of fresh strawberries, with an amazing aroma and cloud production. Very strawberry, very fruity, sweet and refreshing at the same time. Bottled in CA.

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    Grape E-Liquid

    Looking for a great grape vape? Try Vapage Grape e-liquid! Inspired by fresh grape juice, this is a sweet and slightly tart grape e-liquid. Packs a sweet punch of gushing grape flavor in every puff. Get clouds of vapor with this top-selling fruit flavor. Bottled in CA.

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    Sour Apple E-Liquid

    Deliciously sweet and sour, crisp and refreshing taste of a fresh Green Apple. The perfect amount of tart, with the fresh sweet taste of a Granny Smith apple, diced and ready to go into Grandma’s pie! Bottled in CA.

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    Blueberry E-Liquid

    What did one Blueberry say to the other Blueberry? If it we weren't so sweet we wouldn't be in this jam! Get it? :-D Rich, sweet and juicy, it captures the true nature of the Pacific northwest wild berry treat. Snack on this ADV provides a kick of fruity goodness with every vape. Bottled in CA.

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  • What Makes STIK Different?

    Cig2o® STIK Ready-to-Vape

    Cig2o® STIK Ready-to-Vape and Refills combine the ease of an e-cigarette with the performance of a high-end vaporizer. Producing the next level vaping experience and enjoyment you expect from Cig2o.
    What is it?
    • Built in USB Charger & Long-lasting Lithium Ion Battery
    • Cig2o Premium Prefilled e-liquid Refill Pods
    • Ten Authentic Cig2o Flavors w/ choice of nic levels
    • No more messy e-liquids, bottles or atomizers to replace
    • Satisfying draw, great flavor and vapor production


    See the newest YouTube Review of the Cig2o STIK









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  • WORK HERE: Graphic Artist / Junior Marketing Manager

    Are you ready to hustle? Are you great with getting stuff done?

    We’re a vibrant and growing consumer-goods company, run by a group of young but experienced professionals.

    We are looking for a graphic production artist who can also execute and get things done, primarily in the digital space. Web graphics, e-mail marketing, social media marketing. Print media as well – sell sheets, advertising, packaging graphics. You’ll work with our young but experienced and professional team here at Spark Industries to help build and grow our business. You’ll work with our head graphic designer, marketing director, and digital/web director.

    It’s a full-time or part-time job. Minimum would be 4 hours per day all the way up to 8 hours per day. We’d prefer full-time but would settle for part-time if you’re the right candidate.

    Job Tasks:

    • Daily Email Marketing sends – build in Mailchimp, optimized and sent.
    • Web graphic work in Photoshop and Illustrator
    • Work w/ social marketers/affiliates
    • Weekly posts to our Instagram and Facebook accounts
    • Print media, mailers, and other graphic work.


    • Be totally at home using Photoshop, Illustrator
    • Firm knowledge of social platforms
    • Ability to produce graphic content quickly and accurately, using our large digital catalog of images, graphics and logos
    • Type setting skills on point
    • Basic html/CSS is a major plus!
    • Be an all around awesome person who enjoys life, making a difference, having fun while working hard!


    • Company subsidized HealthNet® HMO health care insurance at your preferred coverage level.
    • Dental & Vision optional.
    • LIfe insurance through UNUM paid for by the company.
    • PTO, accruing from first day.

    About Us

    Founded in 2002, Spark Industries is research and design company located in Camarillo, CA.  Since 2008, Spark Industries has been an innovator in technology and development in the electronic cigarette category. Spark’s mission is to help adult smokers quit by delivering the best e-cigarette and vapor products possible.  We focus on product development, with unique features, distinctive brand development, and leading-edge technology.

    The company markets, sells and distributes several nationally recognized brands including Cig2o® and Vapage® through three sales channels: distributors, direct to retail stores, and online to both retail stores and consumers. We aim to grow rapidly and are passionate about our mission and the people we serve.

    Our operation is mid-size but our reach is nationwide. We are a relaxed, creative workplace but things are happening and happening fast. We are looking for like-minded people that love the challenge We value our employees and their contributions toward building a world-class enterprise, and seek to build a rewarding, goal oriented work environment.


    Send resume to JOBS@SPARKVAPOR.COM

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