Cig2o STIK Vapor Systems

The future of vaping is here, and Vapage® is at the forefront of smokeless technology. Our signature Cig2o® STIK® vapor systems offer all the great conveniences of e-cigarettes with even more satisfying vapor than ever before. There are many kinds of pod mods on the market, but none are created equal. Our signature STIK® vapor system provides a compact solution with better vapor production. Our prefilled, sealed, and disposable e-liquid refill pods snap right in for immediate use. If you are ready to do away with messes or complicated instructions, shop from our selection today to find the perfect vapor system to suit your needs.

Cig2o STIK Vapor System
NEW REFILL FLAVORS: Sahara Gold, Blue Frost, Red Hot, Green Apple, Coffee, and Vanilla

Cig2o® STIK® vapor systems come complete with 350mAh smart batteries and overcharge protection. This best-in-class battery pushes huge power to produce great vapor over extended periods of time, so you can charge less and vape more. You will also receive an internal sub-ohm coil, which increases your power output to create more vapor or flavor. Our refill capsules are prefilled with premium e-liquids, so you can simply snap on the refill and vape without any messes or headaches.

Each STIK® vapor system is sleek and will fit discreetly in your pocket for anytime use, making it an excellent solution for vaping on breaks at work or around the house. What our customers love most is the built-in self-charger that allows you to charge on-the-go. Simply put, you won’t find a simpler device on the market. We conveniently offer refill multipacks in classic tobacco or menthol flavors to suit any mood or craving. These snap-in cartridges provide smooth taste and superior cloud performance. When empty, just dispose of them properly, replace, and vape away to enjoy every draw of premium flavored vapor. is proud to be your one-stop shop for vaping supplies. Explore our selection of Cig2o® STIK® vapor systems today. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please let us know and we will always do our best to make it right. If you have any questions while shopping, please contact one of our friendly specialists for assistance or additional information.

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